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Green Flash Brewery {San Diego}

I’d never even heard of Green Flash prior to being recommended this place by a friend, but now I notice it’s sold EVERYWHERE!  Whoops.

This Brewery has a tasting room which sells generous tastings for $1 each.

inside the tasting room


generous $1 tastings

Outdoor patio with a food truck, faux grass and xmas lights strung above

on our tour of Green Flash Brewery

We also happened to arrive at the time a tour was taking place.  The tour is $5, but you get 4 tastings included in that, which brings the actual cost of the tour down to a mere $1.

I love beer but know nothing about it.  I didn’t even know what hops were or that IPA’s were full of them until that tour.  Our tour guide was a young woman with a very zen personality, which I loved (not too crunchy, not too peppy).  A couple things I learned… for one, that everything going into beer is very natural.  We even sampled some of the malted barley, which tasted like cereal with a nice crunch to it.  Also, just as wine with hints of blackberry and apricot doesn’t contain any blackberries or apricots, likewise, beer that has a coffee taste doesn’t contain any coffee.  Rather, you get that coffee flavor by using barley that’s been roasted.  Our tour guide also gave us some information on how someone becomes a professional brewer and the shelf life of beer (IPA’s = 90 days max ideally), which I had no idea of prior.  Good shit!


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