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DIY Photobooth Props

I don’t favor the idea of “best friends” because it’s extremely anti-progress  For example, if you meet someone new who you LOVE spending time with, you’re nevertheless hesitant to call them your BEST FRIEND because they may be “already taken” (LOL).  And calling someone a best friend and having it go unrequired is just about the saddest thing, so everyone skirts around it and they cling to whatever best friend they had growing up, lest they be best friendless!  How anti-progress is that?!

Instead, I’ll call the people I love to spend time with my FAVORITE friends, which is a title that reflects my preference and demands nothing in return!  Carolyn is easily one of my FAVORITE friends 😀 and she was joining the quarter century club, so I decided to make some ultra vain photobooth props to bring to her bday BBQ in San Jose.

Chalkboard Speech Bubbles.  Chalkboard spray painted ($7) some foam board ($3), cut out speech bubble shapes with an exacto, and duct taped on wood sticks from Michaels Craft Store. Purchased $1 pack of chalk.  The foam board wasn’t the best material to write on, so I’ll try something different next time.

Bows.  Since mustaches were done at her Fourth of July Party, I decided to make bows instead.  Purchased sheets of cardstock from Michaels, hand sketched a stencil of a bow, traced 6x.  Used wooden chopsticks for the handle.  Placement of the handle, you’ll see, if best done at an angle, as seen above.  If you place the stick in the center, you can make a bow-tie, but not a hair bow!

Flag banner.  Just took cardstock, cut triangles, hole punched 2/3 corners, hand-wrote letters, and finally strung with ribbon.  Quite unprofessional looking, but I’m an unprofessional ;D


Happy 25th to one of my favoritest friends ever! 😀  So happy I was able to celebrate with you.



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