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Dinner Party: Fish Fry & Highball Night

It started with an ad on the subway.  We were chillin on the metro and noticed an advertisement for Suntory Whiskey, which featured highballs and these beautiful, delicately fried chunks of fish.  We committed it to memory and decided we had to find a spot to eat that exact meal.  Weeks went by and while I’m 100% sure this meal exists somewhere in Japan, our limited language skills and skinny wallets forced us to commit to the realization that we’d have to cook.

In fact, “Dinner Party” doesn’t conjure the right image to capture this awesome evening.  When I hear “dinner party,” I get a visual of some housewife stressing out about matching tablecloths and burning roasts because her husband’s promotion is on the line and his boss is coming over for dinner.  Quite the contrary, my law school friends and I committed to a dinner party for economical food and drinks over candid conversation in a more relaxed environment than an izakaya (which are always hounding customers on busy nights to leave after 120 minutes so they can turn over and get new customers).

My friend has a 1K in Nakano (westside of Tokyo), so we decided to use his place.  We started our night at the  supermarket and, for the four of us, bought three types of raw fish filets (6 filets), panko crumbs, a bag of small potatoes, 1 onion, bag of mushrooms, ambiguous cheese (lol in Japan I never know what type of cheese I am buying, so I just pick one that pictures something like pizza and looks melty), whiskey, ice, and mixers (lemon zero and ginger ale).

I can take zero credit for the delicious mushroom-potato-cheese melty dish, but I did help fry the fish!  We realized we didn’t have egg (whoops), so we improvised by combining flour and water to make a light batter.  We chunked up 6 fish filets (which, when fried, are more than enough for 4 starving people, apparently), dredged them in the batter, coated them in panko, and then tossed them in a pan of shallow oil.  We dusted with salt/pepper.  SO DELICIOUS.

For drinks, we had highballs (whiskey and soda), which are really popular here in Japan.  More specifically, we had ginger highball and lemon zero highball.  It’s perfect for when you’re drinking shitty whiskey, aka, perfect for a college kids dinner party.  ^^

Another successful dinner party (recall: spring roll party this summer)!  Looking forward to the next.


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