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Halloween 2012 in Tokyo

My understanding of Halloween in Tokyo (or Japan generally) is that it’s a holiday adopted by Japan for adults to enjoy.  There’s no trick-or-treating or even really children in costumes — rather, it’s an excuse for young adults to drink their faces off in lingerie and animal ears (I’m a mouse, duh!)(just like we do in good old America).

Here’s a recap of the three events I attended for Halloween 2012 in Tokyo:IMG_0016IMG_0012Party #1.  Waseda’s International Community Center (ICC) rented out Bar Ace in Shinjuku and charged us 2000-yen for two hours nomihodai (all-you-can-drink).  I was surprised by the conservative costumes worn by all the undergraduate and graduate age students that attended — a lot of pumpkins and tokyo tower costumes, as you can see above below.  This was a pretty tame start to the evening.

Club Camelot Shibuya Halloween 2012Photo credit: Club Camelot

Party #2.  After nomihodai’ing it up for two hours with Waseda students, my friends and I decided to take our buzz to the club — we settled on Club Camelot in Shibuya because it’s super affordable — if you arrive before 11pm, it’s free for girls and 1000 yen for guys with 2 drink tickets.  I have no photos for no reason, but I made a collage using Club Camelot’s photos of the Halloween weekend from their website.

As you can see, the dress code at Camelot was a competely different picture compared to my Waseda party.  Girls were all super thin and beautiful and skanked decked out in the American tradition.  The more extreme girls were wearing what basically amounted to false eyelashes, bikinis and headbands with animal ears, lol.  It was pretty insane and the ratio was good (definitely more girls than guys).  Also, despite what the internet says about it being a gaijin spot, I will say I didn’t see a single other white person (besides the two I brought with me, lol).

As a venue, Camelot is not super glamorous, but it has coin lockers, clean bathrooms, 2 floors (main floor is house and top floor is hip hop/R&B), 500-yen drinks all night, and areas for ladies to sit on each floor to give us a break from our heels (nice!).

P1050796Party #3.  On actual Halloween, my classmates and I decided to take it a bit easier since Halloween fell on a Wednesday in 2012.  We settled on doing nomihodai (all you can drink) + karaoke in costume.  The price was under 3000-yen for a couple hours.

Pretty good, but I still say no place can beat Los Angeles.  ;D


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