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Yoyogi Park {Harajuku}

One of the things I think is MOST fantastic about Tokyo (and that’s saying a lot already because I love SO.MANY.THINGS about Tokyo) is their commitment to maintaining large beautiful parks throughout the city.  Los Angeles is gorgeous and amazing, but one of its (few, I swear!) failings is a lack of LARGE and/or well-maintained parks.  By large I mean parks you can jog and bike and fly kites in.  Los Angeles parks tend to be pretty small, consisting only of play grounds and baseball diamonds, with a lack of wide spaces, shade, and plush grass (for the love of god, someone correct me if I’m wrong).  Yoyogi park is damn well maintained (or maybe Japanese people just don’t over-use it) and enormous, as is evidenced by the fact that most matsuri and festivals are held at Yoyogi!  Yoyogi park is also my favorite spot in Tokyo to creep people watch!!People watching at Yoyogi Park
it’s still unclear to me why this dude brought all these bubble wands and bubbles — just to amuse children?  He wasn’t collecting money that I saw..

People watching at Yoyogi Park

inexplicably perfect tiny Japanese dogs — where do all the big ugly ones go? 8L
also, all my friends and I marvel at how beautiful and stylish Japanese young mothers are — all made up and no sweat pants in sight!

People watching at Yoyogi Park

Jesus Christ, how cute is that kid in red?  And again wiht the Japanese young moms!
Unusual pets at Yoyogi Park

yes, that’s a meerkat on a leash


It’s hard to find time to just laze about and people watch when you’re on vacation and sight seeing, but if you have even an hour to spare, take a bento to Yoyogi and just chill out. ^_^


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