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Kebab Box {Harajuku}

At the end of Takeshita Street in Harajuku is the 500-yen bliss that is “Kebab Box.”  Kebab Box sells the bombiest Turkish kebabs in Tokyo — grilled pita, stuffed to the gills (seam splittingly, I swear) with meat, gloooorious sauce (I get ‘mixed’ –  garlic + hot), tomato chunks, and shredded cabbage.  #sweetbabyjesusthatsgoodKebab Box in HarajukuPrice.  500-yen is all they charge and it’s seriously huge!  And don’t be lured away by any of the 300-yen kebab trucks circling all over Harajuku/Omotesando.  They offer a sub-par smaller kebab and no seating or amazing service like this place!  Spend the extra 200-yen and eat at Kebab Box to enjoy something memorable (the people at Timeout Tokyo seem to agree with me).

Kebab Box in HarajukuService.  The guys that own/run this spot are Turkish and speak English (horay!).  They’re incredibly personable and friendly — after just a couple of visits, they remembered me and my friends’ faces and now greet us warmly upon each return visit! ^_^  Also, I can’t verify nor do I really care, but the guys here told me that Britney Spears ate here once! 😮

Tips/Notes:  There is limited seating (exactly 6 seats), but for whatever reason I’ve never had to wait to sit.  I can only guess it’s because Kebab Box is a place you grab a quick bite at (so you can get back to shopping at ‘jukes), so there’s not much camping by customers.  Also, make sure to note the 9pm close time– I once stopped by around 10pm after a long day of shopping only to have my soul crushed upon discovering that Kebab Box had already closed for the evening.


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