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New Years Eve in Tokyo {Feria, Roppongi}

Feria New Years Eve Roppongi, TokyoI had the fortune to spend New Years Eve with two friends from high school who visited me in Tokyo all the way from Korea and California! 🙂 We had hilarious and fun filled night at Club Feria.  Feria is located in Roppongi (aka America, jk, sort of), one of two major party districts in Tokyo — the other being Shibuya.

Here’s a rundown of the night for those considering partying at Feria:

Feria Tokyo Roppongi New Years EveLayout and Design. Feria is pretty on the outside and inside and is fairly big– I think there’s five (smallish) floors.  I loved that the floors were pretty small because it helped our group stay together throughout the night, despite the inevitable inebriation.  As long as we didn’t leave the floor we were on, we were able to find each other again.  I also LOVED that the place was well ventilated!  I didn’t sweat too much.  I’ll never forget Slide in San Francisco for its ridiculous sauna-like temperatures and shit ventilation, JESUS.

To break it down further, we spent most of the night on 3F where there was coat/bag check, bathrooms, hip hop music, and a decent crowd — it was busy enough that it wasn’t awk to dance, but not so busy it felt claustrophobic, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment in itself on New Years Eve.  B1 was packed that night — the type of bad packed where you’re packed liked sardines sliding past each other in a mist of sweat (GROSS); no amazing ventilation could save that floor.  The rooftop was a huge waste of space because it had NO HEATING LAMPS and winter in Tokyo in the middle of the night is — you know, fucking cold.  If they added some heat lamps they could have expanded their space by basically 20%.

Feria New Years Eve Roppongi, TokyoPrice.  Admission was expectedly steep for New Years Eve — 4000-yen for girls and 5000-yen for guys, but that included 4 drink tickets each, so that was some minor consolation.  But in all fairness, all clubs were over charging for countdown parties, so that kind of price wasn’t by any means unique to Feria and at least we got 4 drinks each.

Bar.  Bartenders were fast and able to get everyone drinks in a reasonable amount of time, which was much appreciated. ❤

Feria New Years Eve Roppongi, TokyoCrowd. This is where Feria loses the most points for me.  Upon entering, my friend immediately pointed out the TERRIBLE ratio (sausage fest anyone?) — this place was all dudes.  And not just dudes, like ALL gaijin dudes!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a gaijin too, so I’m not opposed to partying with other gaijins, but there were sooo few Japanese people here.  I’d definitely have preferred more of a mixed crowd, but all-in-all Feria must be doing something right because we went nuts that night and had a killer time. ^_^

Happy New Years, everyone!


2 thoughts on “New Years Eve in Tokyo {Feria, Roppongi}

  1. Do you recommend Feria, Muse, or Vanity the most in Roppongi on a Saturday night? Or something else entirely? Also, in the general area of Shibuya/Omotesando/Aoyama, would you recommend Trump Room, Le Baron, Velours, or something else for Friday evening? I’m trying to find the best places those nights for two couples in their early 30’s.

    • I left Tokyo in early 2013 and was only there like 4 months so I’m no expert. That being said, Roppongi is very non-Japanese, so if your friends are visiting from out of town and want to see more of a Japanese crowd, I’d recommend Shibuya clubs. In terms of cool spaces, Feria and Vanity are both good. Feria is cool because it has a rooftop, but no heat lamps when I was there, so if weather is bad, then that should be a consideration. Vanity is cool because it has a 360 degree panoramic view of the city. Good luck! Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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