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My Favorite Korean Spot in Tokyo {Koenji}

Samgyupsal Korean BBQ in KoenjiI was originally drawn into this Korean Samgyupsal BBQ spot by the 180 yen beer sign.  That is one of the best deals on beer in Tokyo, but it was just a random promotion, so don’t count it on being that cheap all the time.  This spot, seemingly named “SEOUL”(?) is just a short walk from Koenji Station in the indoor arcade nearby and has my FAVORITE Korean meal during my stay in Tokyo!

I had Samgyupsal in a lot of places in Tokyo, including Ton-Chan, a big chain specializing in Korean pork belly, and I still think this place is the best.  The real star for me wasn’t the salad or the meat, which were both good, but the INCREDIBLE fried rice they make at the end of your meal!  After you’re done with BBQing, the leftover grease in the pan is used to make fried rice.  They mix kimchi and marinated bean sprouts with rice on the grill and top it with cheese and dried seaweed.  They cook it the perfect amount of time so that there is an excellent crust on the bottom of the rice! #sweetbabyjesusthatsgood

Samgyupsal Korean BBQ in KoenjiThey appear to get guests from all over the world 🙂 Feel free to add your own post-it to the wall.

Samgyupsal Korean BBQ in Koenji They aren’t too big, so not great for groups bigger than four.  One order of Samgyupsal is around 900-yen, which is pretty standard.  Approximately one order per person with a minimum of 2 orders per table (meaning, essentially, minimum 2 people).  Lettuce, shiso leaf, shredded green onion salad, sauces, and side dishes are unlimited, so go nuts.

Samgyupsal Korean BBQ in Koenji



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