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Mirage Hotel & Casino {Las Vegas, NV}

In all my years living in SoCal and doing annual Vegas trips, this is my FIRST time staying at the Mirage.  We booked it because we found a $40/nt deal (so cheap!).  For current promotions, click here.

Location.  I liked the Mirage’s location a lot.  Easy walking distance to everything, plus there’s a free tram that runs between TI and the Mirage, which was nice.

The Room.  We got standard rooms and requested a strip view upon check-in, which was happily provided.  The standard rooms are not too shabby, but nothing fancy.  It was spacious (not like Venetian spacious, but a bit more space than typical), but at the expense of the bathroom, which was TINY. Beds were comfy.  I also liked how they had two full length mirrors in the room (only one is pictured above), so my sister and I didn’t have to fight for mirror space.

One big problem.  I had one very bad experience during my 2 night stay.  The short of it is that the hotel had a scheduled pipe/drain maintenance that night, which required them to shut off shower water for a few hours.  Here’s the long version of the story (please skip, I just couldn’t help myself from ranting):

After a long day, I finally hopped in the shower at, I believe, 1:00am.  After a few minutes, the luke warm water had become a TRICKLE; then, finally, the spout ceased to output any water at all.  I was livid!  I went to the sink and thankfully it was working, so I finished washing my hair in the sink.  I first called to report the problem and the worker didn’t seem to be aware of the scheduled maintenance at all.  She was completely puzzled.  My sister called a few minutes later and they said that the “hot water” had been shut off.  I told my sister that was not only unacceptable, but also untrue, as ALL water in the shower had ceased.  I then called back and spoke with yet another preson who said that the shower water had been shut off entirely for maintenance purposes and that a letter should have been left in our room, which it was not.  Not only did the staff seem uninformed, but I was also upset that this was scheduled, yet nobody informed us of this at check-in.  I was very firm about my complaint (why pay for a hotel room and not even be able to shower?!), and they gave us a $50 dining credit, which was nice, I suppose.  The next day’s shower was perfectly fine (good water pressure, hot, etc.)

The Beatles LOVE.  I didn’t watch LOVE, the Cirque du Soleil show, but there are lots of fun Beatles decorations and photo ops surrounding the theater.  Check it out:

Dining Options.  I felt there was a lack of affordable dining options at the Mirage.  Here’s what I tried.

For a quick-but-not-that-cheap coffee and pastry, I recommend Roasted Bean.  There’s a Starbucks inside the Mirage, but the line is always OUTRAGEOUS.  If you don’t want to waste your whole morning waiting in line for a cup of Starbucks, just go to Roasted Bean.  Decor in Roasting Bean is very cute – those are all different teapots lining the walls!  There’s also an impressive amount of seating.  In my experience, their wait was almost none, their Vanilla Latte was perfectly adequate and they have quite a nice display of baked goods.  We got a $4 blueberry muffin (WTF), but it was very nice and fresh tasting!

There is also a Carnegie’s Deli in the Mirage, but it’s pretty mediocre.  The place is outrageously expensive at first glance ($20 for a sandwich?!?!?!), but the portions are also outrageous (HUUUUUGGEEE, like 1 sandwich can feed 3 people), so the overall value is not too bad.  However, I still say thumbs down because the quality is very “meh.”  Meat is piled high, but dry and flavorless.  Not recommended.

Finally, the only other place I tried at the Mirage was BLT, a gourmet burger place.  All I wanted was a snack, so I haven’t tried their burger, but their onion rings and sweet potato fries were very good at about $4 an order.  I’m picky with onion rings and these were done well.

Conclusion.  I won’t be rushing back due to my personal bad experience and the lack of affordable dining options in the hotel.  If there’s another $40 deal, I might give this place another try 🙂

The Mirage Hotel & Casino
3400 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109


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